Friday June 19th    Herby came down in the afternoon to the vessel & after going all over it we went up into the town for a stroll.


Saturday June 20th   Went to the Theatre Royal to see the “Silver King” and very good it was too.


Sunday June 21st    On gangway duty all day so did not get a chance to go ashore.


Monday June 22nd   Rained all day & so we took it easy & did no work at all.


Tuesday June 23rd    Same as yesterday.


Wednesday June 24th   Left off raining in the middle of the day so we set to work once more.


Thurs June 25th    Went ashore in the evening and saw my cousin.


Friday June 26th    Captain gave two or three of us leave to take the gig; so we went for a row round to the botanical gardens.


Saturday June 27th  Washed down decks and got done early so we got the afternoon to ourselves to go ashore for a whirl.


Sunday June 28th   Went round Circular Quay for a walk in the morning. Herby came aboard in the afternoon.


Monday June 29th   On gangway duty.


Tuesday June 30th      Bos’n (the dog) in playing & rushing about made a jump to get on the main hatch (as he thought) but the hatches being off he went clean down into the lower hold, a distance of over 30 feet, but luckily he did not break any of his bones, but only got a good shaking up. Today a Scotch ship called the River Fallock of Glasgow came in and laid alongside of us; and in the evening the whole crew deserted from the ship, because the captain was such a stingy & arbitary man & treated them so badly. They got away in the following manner. One fellow got ashore & went and hired a boat & brought it round to the bow of the vessel about 8.30 p.m. It was a beautiful moon lit night so we could see them quite plainly, first letting their chests & clothing gear down into the boat by means of a rope. Then one after another they slid down about 16 or 17 of them & rowed off very quietly until they got some distance off the ship and then they gave 3 cheers of defiance as they disappeared round the next wharf.


Wednesday July 1st     Went into dry dock today; the tugs came alongside at 9.30 a.m. and towed us away to the dry dock. We scraped her today & shall paint her tomorrow.


Thursday July 2nd      Painted the vessel today & tallowed her. Went ashore and walked all over Balmain


Friday July 3rd    Went out of dry dock at8.45 a.m. & was towed back to Central Wharf


Saturday July 4th    Went over the “Rome” lying at Circular Quay, with Elmhurst. She is the most splendid steamer I have ever been aboard of. She is just like an hotel inside. There are a number of coolies in the crew.


Sunday July 5th     On gangway duty. Herby came aboard in the afternoon and stayed to tea.


Monday July 6th     Swept the tween decks out.


Tuesday July 7th     Painted the top of the lower hold.


Wednesday July 8th   Same as on Tuesday. Asked to go ashore but was not allowed because there were 2 midshipmen & apprentices ashore already. A very paltry reason indeed.


Thursday July 9th    Painted the masts in the lower hold.


Friday July 10th    Made bagarincle till 3.30 p.m. then got leave to go ashore.


Saturday July 11th   We did not get the decks washed down until 4.15 p.m. so did not get much of the afternoon to ourselves. Three more of our men have hooked it so now we have only 3 of our original crew left. Saw Herby in the evening. Went down to Paddy’s Market for the 1st time.


Sunday July 12th    Laid in all the morning & went to the Botanical gardens in the afternoon. They are the best gardens I have ever seen. They are full of tropical trees & plants & have a very fine collection of foreign and tropical birds.


Monday July 13th   Went to the Sailor’s Home & had a game of billiards and read the papers &c.


Tuesday July 14th   On gangway duty. Had a box with Missen.


Wednesday July 15th   Got leave to go ashore in the afternoon but it rained the whole afternoon so did not go.


Thursday July 16th    Swept the tween decks down.


Friday July 17th    Went to the Sailor’s Home in the evening.


Saturday July 18th    Washed down decks. Lent Gustaveson (¼ master) 2/- to get 3lbs of naval tobacco with, but he deserted the ship with my 2/- in his pocket.


Sunday July 19th   Went to the Botanical Gardens in the afternoon & to the National Art Gallery.


Monday July 20th   Pumped out the bilge water. Swept down the tween decks.


Tuesday July 21st    The steamer “Port Phillip” came alongside the same wharf as we are at. Lumpers knocked off work off our vessel to load her.


Wednesday July 22nd   Steamer has taken 2760 sheep aboard. It rained all afternoon so could not go ashore as I intended to.


Thursday July 23rd    “Port Phillip” took 84 horses aboard. She is bound for the Cambridge Gulf in Western Australia to found a new settlement.


Friday July 24th     One of the midshipmen claimed Timothy made a most brutal & cowardly attack on Elmshurst. He got him on his back & slogged at him with all his might, cutting his face about in a most horrible manner & completely closing one of his eyes. In the evening all the midshipmen followed him ashore & having surrounded him made him go down on his knees & beg Elmshurst’s pardon. He is the biggest tallest & strongest fellow amongst us, but he couldn’t manage to lick all of us together. He is also the most detested of all of us. He asked the skipper for his discharge & so I think we shall get rid of him before we sail from here. If he had not begged Elmshurst’s pardon we should have half killed him for we all had various kinds of weapons. Amongst which were to be found 2 or 3 teasers (/) a batten of wood 48” x 68 “ & a pump handle &c. &c.


Saturday July 25th     On gangway duty. Met a fellow in Sydney who came up and asked if my name was Copland & whether I came from Chelmsford in Essex. He turned out to be a chap who cleaned Boots and shoes at Mrs Matson’s when I was there. His name was Clarke and his friends live at Rainsford End. Of course anyone from that part of the country was welcome we became chums & drank to “old times” in Chelmsford.


Sunday July 26th    Clark came & looked over the “Derwent” today. Went up to the “Hit or Miss” and saw some boxing.


Monday July 27th    The ’ tween decks is filled up & the lower hatches are on. Hurrah.


Tuesday July 28th   Taking in a quantity of wool for the ‘ tween decks.


Wednesday July 29th   As usual a very wet day


Thursday July 30th    All the forrard part of the tween decks is stowed. The “Fortuna” a barque came alongside today. Her decks are condemned & so we have got her cargo to take home.


Friday July 31st    Took a lot of boxes of curios from New Guinea aboard. Sent by Dr Finch the explorer.


Saturday August 1st    Washed down decks & got done by 12 a.m.


Sunday Aug 2nd   Went in the saloon to dine with the skipper.


Monday Aug 3rd   Got the running gear ready for bending sails; a sign that we shall put to sea again. Hurrah!


Tuesday Aug 4th   Bent on all the square sails of the mizzen.


Wed. Aug 5th    Bent the main royal & t’gallants’ls. Went to the Botanical gardens and heard the naval brigade band.


Thursday Aug 6th    Bent the royal & t’gallants & tops’ls on the foremast.


Friday Aug 7th    Went ashore & saw Herby & brought him aboard.


Saturday Aug 8th    Went to see the Grand Review in Moore Park.


Sunday Aug 9th    Nothing at all particular happened.


Monday Aug 10th    Bent the spanker and foresail. The “Hawkesbury” was seen off Gabo Island at 4.10 p.m. She is a ship belonging to Devitt & Moore.


Tuesday Aug 11th    Bent the jibs fore top’m’st stay s’l & mizzen t’gallants’l. Caught a severe cold up aloft today; it was blowing fearfully & was an extremely cold wind.


Wednesday Aug. 12th    Laid up all day with a splitting headache & a sore throat. Petersson another midshipman is also laid up with a severe cold having been up aloft with me yesterday bending the mizzen t’gallants’l. The skipper gave us some hot concoction in the evening. The “Hawksbury” arrived inside the Heads & is lying in the stream. She has been over 4 months coming from London, having sailed April 4th.


Aug 13th Thursd.   On gangway duty. Cold almost gone


Aug 14th Frid.    Captain Osbourne of the “Hawkesbury” came aboard & had a look over our vessel.


Aug 15th Sat.    Had a bombardment between the two vessels over the wharf. Holystones were the chief missiles which did a good deal of damage to the paintwork.


Aug 16th Sunday     Took gangway for Timothy during the afternoon. Clerk & Greenaway came aboard to see me.


Monday Aug 17th    Kent lost the Gig’s bottom board whilst cleaning her out so we had to drag for it but did not manage to reclaim it.


Tuesday Aug 18th   We were hauled out into the stream by the tug “Mystery” & anchored to the “Gelandea’s buoy in Lavendar Bay. We had to turn out of our berth alongside the wharf because our harbour dues were up, & so we have to finishing loading in the stream, lighters coming off to us full of cargo.


Wed Aug 19th    Always on gangway duty now as 4 of the midshipmen are gig’s crews. 1 middy is a tally-clerk and 1 other is in disgrace & not allowed to keep gangway so I am the only one left to keep gangway.


Thursday Aug. 20th    Hardly anything to do. Very easy times.


Friday Aug. 21st   Taking in cargo & fast stowing it. Met Clerk ashore.


Saturday Aug 22nd   For the last two days wee have had a black nigger as cook, but he is too dirty & so has got turned away.


Sunday Aug 23rd    Went for a sail down to the Heads.


Monday Aug 24th    Had a new cook; some kind of darkie, being of an olive colour, wooly hair & flat nose. He seems a very good cook.


Tuesday Aug 25th    A lot of the new hands came aboard today. We still want 5 more


We. Aug 26th     Went ashore for the last time before sailing & bade farewell to Herbie


Thurs. Aug 27th   Refuse to keep gangway any longer as it comes very hard on me to be always on gangway.


Friday Aug. 28th    Got all the livestock aboard & hoisted in the gangway ladder in preparation for sailing on the morrow. 18 sheep & 6 pigs, 12 geese & 96 fowls comprise our livestock. No living soul was allowed to go ashore tonight except the skipper.


Saturday Aug 29th    The last 4 new hands came aboard at 7 a.m. The Hawkesbury gig came off to us at 8 a.m. with all the apprentices to say goodbye to us. When rowing back they cheered us right lustily, to which we replied with three times three. Bye the bye this is my birthday and I am 20 years old. I hope Cecil is enjoying himself at home. At 8.30 a.m. the steam tugs “Mystery” & “Irresistible” came alongside & having unshackled the ship from the buoy they tugged us out of Lavender Bay, a lot of people waving handkerchiefs & cheering us as we passed Davies Point Having dipped to the “Hawkesbury” we passed the Nelson dipping our ensign to her. After getting outside of the Heads we set sail steering S.E. with a favourable North wind. At 6.30 p.m. watches were picked & I was chosen for the 2nd Mates watch.