Photos (images) must have been taken in the previous year to qualify for entry to the competition.

Minor Photoshop allowable - straightening horizons, removal of gulls etc., but insertion of a blue sky on a grey day may be frowned on!!! 

Submit six pictures for judging on a CD/DVD, USB, memory stick or email by the middle of January if possible. to allow adequate time to assemble them on to a  PowerPoint. Late entrants on the night can be catered for, but an early submission is preferrable.

Anyone wishing to enter prints, please forward them for scanning, on or by the January 2020 meeting, latest.


On the Competition evening each entrants image will be displayed for 5 seconds each to confirm that it is correct. There then follows each entrants set for 25 seconds per image when scoring takes place.


During the break the scores are transferred from the score sheets to the computerised score tally programme. After the break the winner is announced.

The sets of images are then run again for each entrant to make comments on their image.

The winner is presented with the Colin Viney Memorial Trophy, which will be held for 12 months.


to 2020
1982 F. D. Miles R.E.Smith 13
1983 I.H.S. Wells F. D. Miles 8
1984 D.G.B. Smith I.H.S. Wells 8
1985 F. D. Miles A. Hogwood 3
1986 I.H.S. Wells R. J. Kittle 2
1987 F. D. Miles D. A. Brown 1
1988 F. D. Miles D. J. Berg 1
1989 F. D. Miles D.G.B. Smith 1
1990 I.H.S. Wells N. Davidson 1
1991 I.H.S. Wells R. M. Leach 1
1992 N. Davidson
1993 F. D. Miles
1994 I.H.S. Wells
1995 I.H.S. Wells
1996 R.E.Smith
1997 I.H.S. Wells
1998 F. D. Miles
1999 I.H.S. Wells
2000 A. Hogwood
2001 R. M. Leach
2002 F. D. Miles
2003 A. Hogwood
2004 R.E.Smith
2005 R. J. Kittle
2006 R.E.Smith
2007 A. Hogwood
2008 R. J. Kittle
2009 R.E.Smith
2010 R.E.Smith
2011 R.E.Smith
2012 R.E.Smith
2013 R.E.Smith
2014 R.E.Smith
2015 D. J. Berg
2016 R.E.Smith
2017 R.E.Smith
2018 R.E.Smith
2019 D. A. Brown
2020 R. E. Smith