9th January 2014


Dear Ship Society Secretary,


My name is Nigel Heath and I was a shipping journalist for many years first covering the Port of Bristol and latterly mostly the UK and Europe as a freelance for Lloyds List and the Liverpool based Journal of Commerce.

Later and wearing my travel writer's hat I completed a number of cargo ship voyages and wrote about them mostly for the regional press and some national magazines.

So as you can understand, I am quite passionate about ships and the sea and to that end I have created a special Maritime Memories Section to my website which is called Lifestoriesandmemories.co.uk and was set up to give ordinary people an opportunity to tell all or part of their stories to pass on to future generations.

If you would kindly make your members aware of the Maritime Memories section on the site in case they might find it of interest then that would be most appreciated.

Also I am wondering if any of your members might like to make a contribution to the site, say of up to 3000 words with four pictures, for which I would simply charge an admin fee of £49, provided of course, that submissions were made online.

I would have to charge more if I had to process typed or handwritten contributions,

Anyway should anyone be interested they can always contact me through this website's contact form and your message will be forwarded to me.


With kind regards


Nigel Heath



Jorgen Lonn (jorgen.tankers(at)gmail.com)




I have some hundreds of official photo prints of tankers, bulk carriers etc.,. worldwide for swapping.

In return I want black/white photo prints of only general cargo ships under the British flag.

Hope to hear from you.


Vänliga hälsningar/Best Regards,



Jörgen Lönn

Borgmästargatan 7-1tr

116 29 Stockholm


"The older I get, the less I care about what people think about me.

Therefore the older I get, the more I enjoy life"