Below you will find a list of some of the local, national & internatonal web sites which you might find of interest.

Commercial videos of ships, lots at Felixstowe!
Free Live Ais courtesy the University of the Aegean
A Ship Spotting community with masses of photos
Ship Data
Ships Database, 1 month free trial
Ships Database & AIS
Shipping Movements in the Thames
Cruise Ships visiting London
Shipping movements in Felixstowe
Ships departing from Felixstowe in the last week
Views of Harwich Haven, Felixstowe and Haven Entrance
Cruise Ships visiting Harwich International
International Ferries from Harwich
Latest Shipping movements at Ipswich
Worldwide Live cruiseport webcams
THE Society for Ship Enthusiasts
World Ship Society Haven Ports
Tilbury to Gravesend Service
View of ships in Sharpness Port
Thames ship handling tugs
The museum of London's Dockland
The Pier, the Trains & the Steamers
Take the Harwich Maritime Heritage Trail
Coastal Excursions - Support the PSPS
Brightlingsea - Point Clear - East Mersey Service
Harwich - Shotley - Felixstowe Service
Burnham-on-Crouch - Wallasey Ferry + Excursions
The River Cruise Restaurant - Orford in Suffolk
North Woolwich - Woolwich
Day Excursions on the Thames
Cruises from Maldon & Brightlinsea
Sail the East Coast on a Thames Barge
Cruise on Blackwater Rose from Sandford Lock
Victoria & Caffel canal cruises
Cruise from Ipswich to Harwich on Orwell Lady
For the Welsh in Mid-Essex
Local shipping company based at Fingeringhoe shipping local sand and gravel to building projects in London and nearby.
Sub sea cable installer based in Chelmsford with a fleet of specialised ships
Commercial management of the Norse fleet and others based in Clacton
Maldon High tide time. & Sunrise/sunset times
Timetable and prices of the Cross Colne ferry
The society for Ship Lovers