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HMS PERSEUS DIARY - 1st January 1902 to 30th April 1901


January 1st 1902

Telegram received from admiral directing Perseus & Fox to proceed to Persian Gulf with the utmost dispatch. The news was very sudden to us as we had spent all our time up the Persian Gulf & we were expecting to proceed to Trincomalee. We dressed ship and saluted with 31 guns. We then prepared for sea & we left Bombay at 4 pm.


3rd Exercised General Quarters.


4th We arrived at Muscat 7.15 am. Lapwing in harbour out stream anchor. Coaled ship, 200 tons.


5th HMS Fox arrived at 9 am from Bombay, she having left the day after us. The Chaplain of Fox conducted Divine Service on board Perseus. The Fox started coaling at 5pm. Perseus left Muscat for Koweit.


6th We went to man & arm ship.


7th Arrived off Koweit at 7 pm weather being very wet & musty. Proceeded to anchorage under searchlights. HMS Redbreast in harbour.


8th We weighed anchor & proceeded to Jehara a distance of about 10 miles. Pomone here S.O. also Sphynx. Left Jehara at 12 for Koweit to fetch mail. Arrived back at 3.30 pm.


9th Left Jehara at 8 am for Kweit to await arrival of the Fox & inform her where S.O. was. Arrived Koweit 10 am. Fox arrived & Perseus & Fox proceeded to Jehara arriving there at 4 pm. The Pomone took her guns from the Dhows she had armed & the Perseus manned the Dhows.


10th Fox & Pomone left Jehara for Koweit


11th Pomone left Koweit for Bombay leaving Fox S.O. in Persian Gulf


13th Man & arm boats. Carried out boat firing. Football team beat HMS Sphynx 3-1


14th Boats crews exercised in boat sailing. Watch out fire engine. Fired Torpedoes.


20th Man & arm ship during 1st watch. Boats crews exercised in boat sailing. Unarmed dhows.


23rd We prepared for sea. HMS Redbreast arrived with mails. HMS Sphynx left here with homeward bound mails.


24th Weighed anchor at 7.30 am & proceeded to Koweit with intention of doing qrtrs firing. Weather too rough to proceed. Anchored at Koweit. Up anchor in the afternoon as winds abated. We fired torpedoes.


27th Perseus & Fox proceed to sea and finished quarterly firing. Towing target ships making for each other. Perseus returned & anchored at Jeharah 3 pm. Proceeded back Koweit.


30th Football team beat HMS Fox 1-0


31st Received orders to proceed to Bombay. Left Koweit 5 pm for Muscat.


Feb 3rd Arrived at Muscat 1 pm. French Cruiser Catinal & HMS Lapwing in harbour. We saluted the Sultan with 21 guns & the French cruiser with 11 guns which was returned with 7 guns.


4th We coaled ship 190 tons & as we wanted to get to Bombay as quick as possible. We left Muscat at 6 pm.


7th We went to General Quarters. Practiced. Aiming tube. Man passing for C.G. fired 11 rounds each, firing very satisfactory.


8th Arrived Bombay at 8.30 am. Flagship HMS Highflyer here. Saluted admiral


9th Ships company went aboard Highflyer for divine Service. We now went to work preparing for Admirals inspection.


13th Admiral & staff came on board mustered open list & Admiral inspected division. Afterwards inspected bags & small arm companies. Gave general leave.


14th Admiral & Staff inspected ship’s company at General Qrtrs., Fire qrtrs., collision stations.


15th Man & arm boats for Admirals inspection General leave.


17th We coaled ship 250 tons


18th During forenoon HMS Pomone left for Persian Gulf.


Feb 19th Bid farewell to Bombay at 11 am & started our journey to Colombo. During the afternoon we completed a four hrs full speed trial satisfactory & afterwards carried out a 20 hrs run at 15 knots.


21st We came across a wale’s spout & and we had to alter course to clear it. At 9 am exercise general qrtrs & fired cannon tube. At 4 pm we got out collision mat.


22nd We passed HMS Aurora homeward bound from China At 12.30 we arrived at Colombo & tied up to a buoy. As we had arrived from an infectious port we were in quarantine so that no leave could be given or no boats allowed alongside. Colombo is the capital of Ceylon & has a very fine harbour & splendid accommodation for the vessels that enter it. The harbour is always crowded with ships of all nations.


23rd At 3 pm HMS Plover arrived. She was homeward bound from China. She moored on the next berth to us.


24th We man & armed ship and exercised fire quarters during forenoon. Prepared ship for sea.


25th We finished our stay at Colombo & left there at 7.0 am for Trincomalee. When clear of the harbour we fired torpedoes. 8pm Watch man and arm ship. Burnt Searchlights.


26th Ship’s Company exercised at small arm drill & at 4 pm we went to fire quarters. At 6.50 pm we arrived safely at Trincomalee & moored ship. We entered the harbour under searchlights this being a difficult harbour to enter during the darkness. Trincomalee harbour is by far the prettiest harbour we have yet laid in. Finely sheltered bay surrounded with hills covered with green grass. Not much of a town only sailors canteen


27th Started coaling ship. Got in 300 tons.


28th Sats routine divers done usual dip.


29th Quarantine finished bumboatman allowed on board.


March 2nd We were treated to a lovely two hours tropical shower it rained bucket fulls. Went ashore & visited all places of interest including a run inland to Liptons.


March 3rd At 6 am we got out sheet anchor and afterwards man & arm boats.


4th We now started our annual firing. First body of men landing for the range today. Mail arrived.


5th Range party landed. Exercised general quarters & cannon tube.


6th Range party landed


7th We had now reached the anniversary of our commissioning at Chatham 12 months. We have had pretty good times, but this year we hope for less Gulf work. No of miles travelled in twelvemonth is 19,366 miles. Coal expended 3640 tons. This shows we have been fairly on the go since we left Sheerness. Range party landed.


8th Sats routine. Range party landed. We were treated to another tropical shower.


10th Range party landed


11th Range party landed & fetched aboard Jacko which proved afterwards to be the ships pet


12th Range party landed. Mail arrived.


13th Range party landed & during day, Lord & Lady Gordon, Governor arrived at Trincomalee


14th Range party landed.


15th Saturdays routine carried out.


16th Admirals report arrived on his inspection of Perseus at Bombay, which he said was entirely satisfactory. Men smart & neat in appearance. Drills performed very smartly, ship very clean.


17th St Patrick’s Day. Range Party landed, also sent all shell ashore to be tested. 7pm man & arm ship, burnt searchlights. Mail arrived.


18th Range Party landed.


24th All hands completed their annual firing. Firing on the whole very good.


26th Prepared ship for sea & left Trincomalee at 6am on 27th for Madras. Done quarterly firing outside Trincomalee.


28th Being Good Friday, Sunday’s routine was carried out. At 1.30pm we were safely anchored in Madras. This is a fine place ashore, some splendid buildings. Electric trams here. This being the first time a Man of War has visited Madras for four years so the people all flocked aboard to have a look around. Plenty of English people here.


31st Exercised small arm companies. General Gilchrist came on board with Japanese admiral. Saluted with 9 guns.


April 2nd Exercise small arm companies. Lord Ampthill Governor of Madras Presiding came on board.


April 3rd Make & mend clothes, gave all night leave. Large number of visitors on board, encluding English circus girls who were performing here.


4th April Exercise General Quarters. Fire Stations Cut Fire Engine.


5th Prepared ship for sea.


6th This being our last day in Madras people from shore came off in large numbers. The Circus girls coming aboard to say goodbye to their Sailor Friends. 5.10 pm we slipped buoy & bought our stay at Madras to a close. During our stay we were treated right well by the English people here. We were the first Man of War at this port since the Bonaventure went there 4 yrs ago.


7th Monday Exercised general quarters & fired cannon tube. 7pm went to night quarters. Dropped target and carried out night firing.


8th Sighted Fort Frederick at the entrance to Tricomalee at 9am & 9.30 found us safely moored in Trincomalee. In the harbour we found the Flagship was here, she arriving on the 7th from Bombay. The flagship is in quarantine. But Madras not being an infectious port, we did not hoist the yellow flag. At 11am the Highflyer took her departure taking with her a target as she was going to carry out experimental firing. The Admiral and staff remaining at the Admiralty house.


9th At 7am the Admiral came on board & we then left harbour taking Admiral with us. Outside the harbour we met HMS Highflyer & the Admiral at once went on board her, and commenced carry out experimental firing. The Perseus meanwhile lying off. At 12.30 the Flagship having finished firing the Admiral came on board Perseus & we took him back to Trincomalee arriving there 2pm. The Highflyer staying outside to complete night firing. The Highflyer came into outer harbour at 10 pm.


10th Left harbour at 9am taking with us a prize firing target to carry out prize firing. Officers from flagship on board for marking purposes. Laid out target and mark buoys. At 1 pm cleared for action & carried out prize firing 4” guns. Completed firing by 5pm firing very good. Anchored near target. Repaired target for readiness for small gun firing for tomorrow.


11th Up anchor & carried out prize firing with 3 pounder & Maxim prize firing. Also fired torpedoes quarterly practice. Took target back to Trincomalee. Moored ship 5 pm.


12th Highflyer out of quarantine. Inspection of guns carried out by Ordnance Officers.


13th Divine service on board Highflyer. Prepared ship for coaling.


14th Started coaling 4am. Took in 200 tons. Court Martial on Board Highflyer.


15th Received ammunition on board.


16th Unmoored ship & left Trincomalee at 7 am bound for Colombo. Afterwards exercised small arm companies.


17th Carried out aiming rifle practice. At 5pm we arrived safely at Colombo & moored head & stern. Japanese battleship at anchor.


18th General quarters. Rained hard all day.


19th At 8am we left Colombo bound for Aden. No leave granted during stay at Colombo.


22nd At sea. Exercised General quarters.


23rd Anniversary of the day we left Sheerness. General quarters.


25th Exercised Landing parties fully equipped.


26th 9am Started steam 4 hours 17H 20 hrs 15 knots. 20 seamen required below to aid stokers.


27th Divine Service. Arrived at Aden & moored up outside harbour 5pm.


28th Weighed anchor 5am & proceeded into harbour. HMS Cossack not here she having gone to Berebera in Somaliland. Coaled ship 455 tons. Prepared for sea.


29th We left Aden at 4pm for Berbera.


30th Arrived at Berbera at 7.30 am HMS Cossack here. Berbera is a very barren place. Native quarter being one side of the harbour & Government Offices the other side. Lieut General Swayne the Consul General of Somaliland Protectorate ashore here. He is after the Mad Mullah. Cossack has been patrolling coast and bringing to Berbera several dhows she has captured. Also persons captured by Swayne’s army. At 6.30 pm Cossack left for Perim Island.


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