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HMS PERSEUS DIARY - January 1st 1903 to 31 - 3 - 1903


January 1st 1903.

All boats left ship at 5.30 & sea rough. Surf boats from shore refused to work under 10 rupees a trip. The large lighter brought here by Pomone broke adrift & went ashore in heavy surf. Troops saved her contents. Pomone’s & Perseus boats severely knocked about. Surf inshore too rough for boats so stores from Haidare were took to Pomone, so that troopers could clean away. Boats returned at 6.30 pm.


2nd Cutters left 5.30 am. Finished unloading stores & troops from Haidare & Pomone.


3rd Party went ashore to blow up rocks to make a safer anchorage for the boats of fleet.


4th Blowing up party landed 1.40 pm. HMS Naiad arrived. Perseus ordered to prepare for sea at once. Left 16 hands on Pomone. Weighed and left with the mails at 6pm for Aden.


5th Came across SS Swaverdale ashore. 10 boats from Aden assisting her. HMS Speedy had had left her the day before. We were under urgent orders so could not stop to assist her.


7th Exercised small arm. General Quarters. Arrived at Aden 5pm. HMS Speedy here.


8th Coaled ship 375 tons.


9th Provisioned ship. Divers away recovered a gangway lost last Nov. Took inboard surf boats. Chartered steam tug Dolphin.


10th Took on board stores for Obbia also stores for Italian warship Caprera.


12th Took two camels & a horse on board for Obbia. Party went to tug Dolphin. Left Aden for Obbia 11 am with mails & dispatches for Obbia. Took Dolphin in tow.


14th Speed slow owing to towing tug. Usual routine.


15th Hawser parted, another one bent. Arrived off Bander Alula & heard that natives were inclined to raid on SS Swaverdale. Natives severely cautioned by Perseus. 7.30 Weighed & proceeded. Weather very bad.


18th Sunday. Arrived Obbia 8am. Naiad, Pomone RINS Canning & target transport Ranee here. We were ordered to lower all boats & assist in landing troops & stores at once. Canning brought two lighters here from Bombay.


19th Cutters away 5.30am., one staying for repairs till 9am. General Manning here in command. Boats employed all day landing camels, tug towing boats back from shore to transport. Weather very bad.


20th Cutters away 5.30am. Work resumed on transport.


21st Work carried on the same. Surf not quite so bad. Large number of camels landed.


22nd 5.30 boats commenced as usual. All ships dressed. Boats finished the Ranee & returned to ship 2pm.


23rd A cutter went away with divers & found several anchors that had been lost by tug & lighters. Newark Castle arrived from Durban with horses & mules aboard.


24th Cutters away 5.30 am carried on unloading Newark Castle. Boats returned 6.30. Sea very bad. Tug got hawser round screw but natives cleared. Captain informed hands that we were on active service.


25th Sunday. Boats away as usual. Transport Gaul arrived with stores and Boer contingent from Dunbar. Half the boats commenced unloading her. Weather bad, several seamen injured while getting horses into water. Lighter broke adrift total wreck on the rocks. One of our boats adrift during night. Tug found her drifting out to sea. Boat was seen from the ships with searchlights. Several animals drowned today.


26th Cutters away 5.30. Pomone’s steamboat total wreck on rocks. Boats badly knocked about.


27th Work with boats as usual started on SS Gaul. Weather bad


28th Cutters away as usual. Transport Nowshera arrived loaded with camels. Newark Castle has 2,000 tons of stores aboard.


29th Carried on landing camels from Nowshera. Weather bad. Sheik of Abbia arrested.


30th Fulwell arrived with mails.


31st SS Nowshera left with mail. Boats away as usual.

Feb 1st SS Gaul left. Boats clearing Newark Castle. Weather bad.


2nd Weather too rough for boat work. Ship rolling heavily. SS Ikhona arrived with 600 camels.


3rd Weather still too rough.


4th Weather very bad


5th No boats lowered


6th Weather moderated. Boats away & landing camels from Ikhona. Several drowned today. Boats returned 6 pm.


7th Boats away as usual SS Wessman arrived with mails & wireless telegraph party from England. One seaman from each ship landed for telegraph. 350 camels landed today. Pomone left 10pm for Aden with mails.


8th Boats away as usual. Weather bad. Finished Ikhoma she leaving at 9pm. RIMS Canning arrived with Camels and stores.


9th Boats away as usual. Weather bad. Boats having to return at 4pm.


10th Boats were away as usual. SS Siras arrived 2,500 tons of stores.


11th Boats away usual time.


12th Weather too rough for boats. HMS Cossack arrived with mails. Boats lowered at 2pm. Work carried on. HMS Cossack left 10 pm. with mails.


14th Boats away as usual. Weather bad. Finished Newark Castle. RIMS Hardinge arrived 7.45pm. Boats fetching canteen gear from Hardinge. Newark Castle left


15th Boats away unloading Sersa. RIMS Canning left.


16th Boats working on SS Sersas. Italian gunboat Caprera sent coalbags to Perseus to be filled..


17th Boats engaged coaling Italian warship Caprera. Dolphin turned over to Hardinge. Prepared for sea.


18th Feb Left Obbia at 10 am with mails. Exercised Tube Cannon.


19th Met HMS Pomone & received 18 men from her, they belonged to Bombay Defence which is now broken up. At 10am arrived & anchored off Elig. Lowered cutters & commenced sweeping for our lost anchor & cable. No results.


20th Anchor & cable found & we left Elig at 3pm for Aden.


21st Sats Routine, turned in boats.


22nd Sundays routine.


23rd Gen Qrts. Carried out half Quarters firing. Acting QG fired.

Ran torpedoes. Arrived Aden 5pm. Ships here, Fox, Hermione, Intrepid, Cossack & four torpedo boats. Intrepid & Hermione attached from Straits.


23rd Usual routine.


24th Torpedo boat 103 left for Berbera.


25th Fox left for Obbia at 7am. Intrepid & Hermione left for Quarters firing. Pomone arrived & coaled. Prepared for Coaling


26th Coaled ship 260 tons. Intrepid & Hermione arrived. Torpedo boat 104 arrived.


27th Execised Gen. Qrts. 5 Russian torpedo boats arrived. Concert aboard Hermione. Perseus invited. Letter read from Admiralty congratulating Perseus on smartness of ship.


28th Sats routine.


29th Sundays routine


March 1st


2nd Clear for action. Pomone took in upper deck cargo of stores. Diving party away searching for lighter lost by Pomone. Painting ship French Grey.


3rd Two Russians arrived and anchored outside.


4th Diving party away. Three more Russins arrive. At 6pm HMS Highflyer & Naiad arrived and anchored outside. Received orders to raise steam for 15 knots. Liberty men recalled. Left at 11.30 pm for Muscat.


5th Read letter from Admiral thanking men for services performed Obbia. Usual Routine. Passed HMS Renown with Duke & Duchess of Conaughtaboard bound for England. Went to Tube Cannon.

Knots travelled & coal consumed since leaving Chatham March 1901 – 1903

Knots 37,986

Coal 8081 tons

Miles 44,296


6th Commenced steam trial three qrt speed.


7th Two years in commission today. Usual Routine.


8th Sunday routine.


9th Arrived Muscat 7am. HMS Lapwing here. Saluted Sultan 21 guns. Commenced coaling afternoon. Natives wouldn’t work being festival day.


10th Weather bad. Carried on coaling.


11th Finished coaling 200 tons. Lapwing left for Bushire 8pm


12th Usual routine. Pistol party away.


13th Excused General Quarters fired cannon tube. SS Eden Hall arrived requiring medical assistance. Halfcaste having stabbed 4 hands.


14th Sats routine. French & Russian Man o' War arrived.


15th Sundays routine. American Minister conducting service.


16th Proceed outside and fired torpedoes. Carried out half Qrts firing. Arrived Muscat 4pm.


17th Russian cruiser left for Karachi. Prepared for sea & left at 2pm. for Sur. Arrived Sur 11.15 pm.


18th Exercised small arm companies. Fired Cannon Tube.


19th 8.30 am left Sur & proceeded to Bombay. Gen Qrts


20th Fired tube cannon.


21st Sats routine. Increased speed


22nd Sunday. Arrived Bombay 3.45pm No naval ships here.


23rd Watch went 24 hrs. General leave. Boats took up on slips. Prepare for docking.


25th Drew stores. Received urgent telegram ordering us to Muscat. All docking cancelled.


26th Coaled ship 360 tons. Fetched stores.


27th Drew boats from Indian Defence in lieu of ours. At 5pm. we left Bombay for Muscat.


28th Usual routine.


29th Sundays routine. 17 knots.


30th Met bad weather. Arrived Muscat 1.30pm. RNIS Swayne here. Commenced coaling at once.


31st Carried on coaling, took in 220 tons. Lawrence left with Consul General for Bombay.


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