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HMS PERSEUS DIARY    1 - 10 - 1902  to 31 - 3 - 1902


Oct 1st Arrived & anchored in Las Goria – found No 2 dhow here. She was reprovisioned for 14 days. 10.30 weighed & proceeded


2nd Arrived and anchored in outer harbour at 7 am. Austrian man-o-war arrived. At 6 pm we weighed & left Aden under “out lights”


3rd At 7 am arrived & anchored at Perim. HMS Harrier here. No1 dhow here. She came alongside & was reprovisioned. Left at 2pm taking No 1 dhow in tow. Slipped dhow at 3pm. We proceeded slowly along the coast keeping a good look out for gunrunners. 5.30 anchored off “Ras Al Ara” in Arabia. Sent armed boats crews away to search dhows. Great difficulty experienced. Crews afterwards went ashore & searched under searchlights. 9pm weighed & proceeded.


4th At 4am arrived and anchored in Aden. Coaled ship 350 tons.


5th Sundays. Cleaned ship & 10.30am. HMS Pomone arrived here direct from Bombay. This being her first trip with new crew. She was sent here to relieve us of our duties as Senior Naval Officer Aden Division. She had our orders for Bombay.


6th Hands painting ship. “Mayo” left with troops for Berbera


7th Painting ship. Ship’s company went to a smoking concert at RA’s canteen, at the Ras invitation. Enjoyable evening spent.


8th No 11 transport SS Malta arrived. She had on board 1000 Rifle Brigade from Durban. We told her Admiralty orders were that she was to disembark troops at Suez. At 5pm No1 dhow came into harbour. She came alongside & was paid off.


9th Party from Pomone came on board for passage to No 2 dhow to take place of our men. We left Aden at 12 noon for Berbera. Passed Japanese battleships.


10th Arrtived at Las Goshora 9am. Boarded dhows, heard that our dhow had left 2 days ago. Run torpedoes and fired cannon tube. Sighted our dhow at 6 pm at anchor off Somaliland (Thalion). Paid her off and recommisioned her with Pomone’s bluejackets. At 8.30 pm we proceeded .


11th Fired Cannon tube. Started an 8hrs ful speed trial. Result satisfactory. Done 16 hrs ¾ speed, steam trial satisfactory. We were now bound for Bombay. Experienced very heavy weather during trip, shipping very heavy seas. Full monsoon blowing.


18th At 4am we sighted Bombay and by 7am we were moored up in the harbour. “Fox” here SNO. USA warship Isoda de Jolia here. She formerly belonged to Spain, was captured by America during the war. Fox’s ships company living in Royal Alfred’s Sailors Home.


19th Church service held on board HMS Tenerassem


20th Hands employed in enlightening ship by emptying magazines & shell rooms, preparing to go into dock. We received orders to dock in Meryweather’s dock on Wednesday & do all urgent repairs only, as our services were needed elsewhere


21st Marines landed for exercise


22nd 12.45 pm slipped buoy & proceeded up harbour & entered Merryweather’s basin to await our turn of docking. SS Ionian lying next to us with a regiment of Highlanders on board from the Cape.


23rd Dry dock emptied & at 5 pm Perseus proceeded into dry dock.


24th Dock drained. Ship shored up. Hands employed about ship.


25th Hands employed refitting ship working dockyard hours. Altered pitch of propellers to give slight increase of speed


Sun 26th Doeby aid hands employed to get ship ready for leaving. Heavy rainstorm.


27th Hands employed refitting. Portuguese gunboat “Mandori" in steam waiting to dock.


28th Flooded dock. 8am left dock & entered stream. Made fast to No 6 buoy. Took in ammunition. Portuguese gunboat entered dock.


29th Hands employed about ship & stowing magazines, guns being examined.


30th Drew stores from RIM Dockyard


31st P&o’s Persia arrived with mails. Provisioning ship & drawing stores. Prepare for coaling.


1st RIMS Clive arrived at 8am. Coaled ship 415 tons


2nd Sun Carried out Sats. routine. Cleaning ship. Capt. Read out vote of thanks from Imperial Parliament. To Navy, Army Volunteers & Colonies for services performed during the South African War. Received letter from Capt. Cardew in Col Swayne’s name, thanking men of Perseus for work performed in assisting in the arduous and tedious duties on the Somali coast.


3rd Hands employed fitting


4th Commenced painting ship


5th RIMS Hardinge arrived from Aden, record trip 4 days 4 hours. Transport Syria left. Battalion landed for drill on the Oval under Lieut. Fox.


6th Transports Cratava, Sandon & Montrose arrived from S.A. with troops. Hands painting ship.


7th P&O’s Peninsular arrived with English Mails. Persia left with homeward mails.

No of knots travelled & coaled consumed from March 1901 till our ending Sept 1902

No Knots travelled

26,963.27 Knots

Coal consumed

5,495 Tons


9th Sunday Church Service held. Ships companies of Fox & Perseus to be ready for landing for active service,.


10th Battalions landed for route march at 5am. Returned at 7.45 am to dress ship today being King’s birthday. 12 noon ships saluted the King 31 guns.


11th Portuguese gunboat Mandera left. Hands painting mess deck.


12th Memo from Admiral received stating that men of Perseus were to be got ready to go anywhere & to practice long marching. Transport Plassey left. Battalion landed with Fox’s & went to Malabar Hill & back. Arrived on board 9.30 am. General leave to one watch. 21 hrs. RIMS Clive & Canning left.


13th General leave to other watch.


14th P&O’s Caledonia arrived with mails. Silver balls presented to ship by Passees of Bombay. Received bad news from Somaliland, Several Officers who we all knew well being killed. SS Oratava left.


17th Battalion landed for route marching. At 4 pm. Rajah of Cochin & staff came on board ship visiting. Shown round ship by Capt. On his departure, fired salute of 17 guns.


18th Marines landed for drill.


19th Battalion exercised on the Oval. Volunteers consisting of 1 P.O & 1 A.B. required for manning Somali Protectorate Dhows. SS Syria left.


20th Batallion landed with full marching order, blankets, water & ammunition, & Maxim gun detachment, were inspected by Capt. Pelham of Fox. Expect to leave shortly for Berbera.


21st Work as requested. 2nd lefts Gun class under instruction.


22nd Sat. P&O Arabia arrived with mail. Sats routine.


23rd Sunday. Divine Service held.


24th Battalion landed for route march. Evolution, out stream anchor.


25th Marines landed for drill.


26th Battalion landed for drill. Evolution out kedge anchor.


27th Usual routine.


28th P&O Egypt arrived with mails. Lord Kitchener on board. The ship was full of people bound for Delhi, Durban salute of 17 guns. Urania arrived with troops. HMS Lapwing arrived from Persian Gulf.


29th Fox left dock and moored in stream. At 11 am we slipped the buoy & left Bombay & shaped course for Aden. Speed 15 knots.


2nd Seaman told off for stokehold steam trial, speed 20 knots. Clock bought by money presented by HRH Ras Makonnen placed in mess deck.


3rd Fired Cannon Tube. Fired half Quarters ammunition. Sighted Aden.


4th Arrived in Aden 5am. HMS Highflyer flying flag of Rear Admiral Drury here. HMS Naiad temporarily attached to this station from the Straits & HMS Pmone also here, also RIMS Mayo. We saluted Commander in chief with 13 guns, which was returned with 7 from Highflyer. Prepared for coaling. HMS Naiad ordered to Berbera she left at 12 pm.


5th Coaled ship 350 tons. Italian cruiser “Piamonte” arrived & saluted British Admiral. German Consul & General Commanding Aden forces came aboard here. Leave given.


6th HMS Naiad arrived 3 am from Berbera. Cleaning ship. Italian cruiser left.


7th Sundays routine. Divine service aboard Naiad. Admiral inspecting HMS Pomone. Mail arrives.


8th Evolution out bower anchor, also boats crews pulled round fleet. Concert held aboard Highflyer, all ships invited.


9th Admirals inspection of ship. Rig No6 & Admiral & staff came onboard at 9 am. Open list away lifeboats crew. Went to General Quarters & fired tube cannon. Fire Quarters was next. Then evolution abandon ship. Then a few men mustered bags & hammocks. Admiral left at noon for lunch. During afternoon all boats of fleet went sailing. Prepared for sea. Watch man & arm ship 8 pm.


10th Small arm companies of all ships landed with flagship’s band during forenoon. Read out Admirals report of inspection. Admiral very pleased with smartness & appearance of ship. Raised steam for 10 knots.


11th Left Aden at 7.30 am in single line. Ships forming fleet being “Highflyer”, “Naiad”, “Perseus” & “Pomone”. Exercised steam tactics & manoeuvres. All ships dropped Tube Targets. Ships steaming circular and firing at each others targets. At 11am Naiad which is fitted with wireless telegraph got into communication with HMS Good Hope which was bound for the Cape with Mr Chamberlain on board. Perseus ordered to proceed and take “Good Hope’s” mails. Perseus met Good Hope, which ship was flying Rear Admiral Fawkes flag & salutes were exchanged. “Perseus” received the cot case from Good Hope for passage to Aden hospital. Ships then parted company proceeding to Zanzibar. Perseus rejoined squadron & carried out half Quarters firing. Left squadron & proceeded & took cot case to Aden. Arrived Aden 5pm. Naiad & Highflyer came in. Pomone to Berbera.


Dec 12th Man & arm boats, usual routine.


13th Sat HMS Speedy arrived. Highflyer’s whaler beaten by Naiad, 3 mile course. Prepared for sea & left Aden 11pm for Berbera


14th Sunday, arrived Berbera 11am. Troops in tents all along beach. Pomone arrived noon & left for Aden 6pm.


15th Diving party. Party landed for pistol practice. Run torpedoes. Seigning party during evening.


16th Work as usual. Prepare for sea & left at 9 pm with dispatches from Gen. Manning.


17th General Qrts. Tube Cannon, fired torpedoes, arrived Aden 5 pm. Naiad & Pomone here. Naiad S.O.


18th Usual routine. Pomone left at 4 pm. In leaving she grounded but floated without any assistance.


19th General Quarters. Italian cruiser Puglia arrived. Prepared for sea. Italian Gunboat “Capera” arrived.


20th HMS Pomone with Gen Mannering arrived. Our raising steam cancelled. Pomone took in coal. 16 seamen from Perseus, Naiad left for Berbera.


21st Sunday. Ships dressed. 16 seamen went to Pomone. Which ship then left with two lighters in tow containing stores for Somali forces. She lost one of them just outside here. HMS Renown arrived with the Duke & Duchess of Conaught on board anchored outside. Duke & staff landed & visited Wells. Renown left during night.


22nd HMS Harrier left, surveyed cable. Italian warship left.


24th HMS Naiad arrived and commenced coaling at once taking on board upper deck cargo. Perseus coaled ship during afternoon, 120 tons. Left at 5.30 pm.


25th Xmas day. Anchored off Hais 6am. & left at 7 am. All sorry that we were not having a very good Xmas, but times would allow no better. 1 pm. sighted Pomone’s dhow, she came alongside & was paid off. Pomone seamen staying aboard Perseus were now dispatched to assist to land the war stores. A party unloading lighter brought by Pomone. Weather very bad, big surf inshore. Boats returned at 7pm. Party working on Haidare couldn’t get off.


31st Cutters left ship at at 5.30 am, sea very bad. Boats getting knocked about a great deal. Boats compelled to return at 10.30 through weather. No fresh provisions obtainable.


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