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HMS PERSEUS DIARY - 18th August 1901 to 31st December 1901


18th Arrived Kharag Island. Marathon here.


19th We done our prize firing 4”. Target being fixed on end of island. HMS Marathon marked for us, firing very good.


20th 3 pounders carried out then prize firing. We left on the 21st for Koweit.


22nd Arrived at Koweit at 9am & we exercised small arm companies. Marathon arrived. Things now got worse at Koweit. The Perseus & the Marathon received the loan of 10 dhows and we armed them with 3 pounder ships guns. We got them in readiness in case of an attack on Koweit.


27th We weighed anchor & went outside harbour & carried out torpedo practice & cannon tube. We then proceeded into harbour again. The Captain of Marathon came on board and we took him to Jeharah where he and captain of the Perseus went ashore & examined a fort, which we intended arming if trouble arose. We arrived back in Koweit at 8 pm.


29th We left Koweit at 1.30 pm for Bushire to send telegrams.


30th Arrived at Bushire at 12.30 pm


1st Coaled ship 350 tons.


On 3rd we weighed anchor and anchored again opposite the telegraph station. Left Bushire 12.30 pm.


4th Arrived & anchored off Koweit.


7th HMS Pomone arrived from Bombay.


8th HMS Assaye arrived here from Bombay, thus increasing strength of fleet here considerably. It was found necessary to thoroughly survey the route from Koweit to Jehara as no charts had even been made. So all ships in harbour sent a navigating party under navigating officer & the place was thoroughly surveyed.


9th We exercised small arm companies. Things were now pretty quiet at Koweit so the Perseus was ordered to proceed to Muscat and we left Koweit at 5pm. As we passed HMS Marathon both ships manned the rigging and cheers were heartily exchanged for the Marathon was ordered home as soon as her relieve was sent out & we did not expect to see her again.

10th During the middle watch HMS Sphinx was met & she signalled to say that she had our mail so we sent a boat for it.


11th During forenoon we were exercised at General Quarters and we afterwards carried out cannon tube practice. And during the dogwatches we went to man & arm ship


13th After smooth passage we arrived at Muscat at 9 am. We saluted the Sultan with 21 guns which was returned.


14th We coaled ship 200 tons.

Time had been rather dull during our time up the Gulf as we had had no leave since we left Karachi so we arranged a seigning party, which came off very well.


18th We received the Sultan & the British Consul on board. A salute of 21 guns for the Sultan 11 for the Consul was fired.


20th We had Divine Service which was conducted by the American Minister from ashore


21st We got the starboard bower anchor out, and then we started painting ship.


23rd We had another seigning party, which was attended by the British & American & French Consul & Mrs Cox. There being no communication from Muscat by telegraph we left Muscat on the 25th for Jask & arrived there the 26th. We left again on the 27th for Muscat.


28th We carried out our firing and arrived at Muscat. We moored ship placing spare bower on the billboard.


29th We unmoored ship and replaced spare bower anchor.


30th We left Muscat at 7.30 am with British Consul & Sultan of Muscat & 150 soldiers onboard, bound for Sur & Khora Jehoram. We arrived off Khora Jehoram at 4 pm & at once lowered all cutters & commenced to disembark 100 of the troops. The sea was very choppy which made the task very dangerous. The steam cutter was lowered the three other cutters & the tow ropes parted several times & the cutters eventually found a creek was very narrow with high cliffs each side. There were several nasty bends. After proceeding for about three miles up the creek it opened out into a large lake & there lying peacefully at anchor was HMS Assaye. Only superior seamanship could she have been got there as the passage up the creek was very dangerous. We now had to find a place to land the troops. We had several attempts, the boats continually grounding, as water was so shallow. We eventually landed them having to use a little force in making them leave the boats, & to make things worse none of them could speak a word of English. The cutters then returned to HMS Assaye & as a furious gale was blowing it was thought advisable to remain on board the Assaye for the night & attempt to make the Perseus in the morning.


31st The morning began with rough seas when we left the Assaye in tow of our steamboat in our attempt to get back to our own ship. All went well till we got to the open sea when the heavy seas made us abandon the attempt for fear of capsizing so we anchored up the creek & the steamboat started off again to attempt to reach the Perseus, leaving the three cutters at anchor. After the cutters had been at anchor about 2 hrs a boat from the Assaye came down the creek & the officer in her gave us orders to return again aboard his ship the Assaye. We safely reached the Assaye & we were very kindly treated by her ships company. About 5 pm a native boat came alongside the Assaye and an officer Mr Bevan from the Perseus came on board. He was wet through & he soon told us how he came to this predicament. It appears that the steamboat when she left the cutters at anchor did eventually reach the Perseus. She was hoisted & the Perseus weighed anchor & proceeded to Sur where she landed the remainder of the troops & the Sultan & then came back to Khora Jehoram, distance being about 20 miles. The Perseus then lowered her whaler with Lieu Bevan in charge. The whaler made sail & all went well till she reached the entrance of the creek, when heavy seas capsized her, all her crew being flung into the water. Luckily all hands managed to cling to the boat & they were swept up the creek by the tide. The water round the bend of up the creek. The crew managed to get the boat ashore all were much exhausted. A native then appeared on the scene with a boat & he bought Lieu Bevan to the Assaye leaving boats crew in charge of whaler that was Mr Bevan’s story. The Captain of the Assaye at once took blankets & refreshments in his boat to the boats crew who were brought on board the Assaye. Meanwhile a cutters crew belonging to the Perseus left the Assaye to endeavour to reach the Perseus & tell them the news. The cutter had safe passage till she left the creek when great seas swept her along. She was sighted by searchlights from Perseus. She reached the Perseus at last after a fearful passage. At 10 am the seas abated & the remaining cutters came off.


1st Nov. Party went in creek & fetched whalers off. We left Sur at 4 pm for Muscat.


4th We exercised man & arm ship & afterwards fired cannon tube.


6th We Weighed anchor & left Muscat at 6 am for Sur. On the way we fired torpedoes. Arrived at Sur 4.30 pm & found HMS Assaye in harbour.


7th We fired torpedoes harbour run.

We stayed at Sur til the 12th when we left at 5 pm for Muscat. Taken the Sultan of Muscat with us. We carried out night firing & man and arm ship during the night.


8th We arrived at Muscat at 6.30 pm. We laid out stream anchor, and exercised small arms companies.


14th Aired bedding & we held a seigning party during afternoon.


15th We were exercised at General Quarters & cannon tube firing.


18th We prepared ship for battle & exercised General Quarters. At 5.30 pm we left Muscat for Sur.


19th Arrived at Sur 6.30 am.


20th We were exercised at landing party.


21st Left Sur for Muscat at 5 pm


22nd Arrived Muscat at 6 am.

We exchanged rounds with 5th & 1st shackles of starboard cable.


23rd Indian Telegraph ship Patrick Steward reported to us that her propeller was foul.

We sent our divers down & they managed to clear her.


24th We coaled ship 140 tons .


25th HMS Assaye arrived from Jask during the day HMS Lapwing arrived from Aden with orders for us to proceed to Bombay.

The news was gladly received on board the Perseus as we were all sick of the Persian Gulf & we were all looking forward for general leave at Bombay.


27th Prepared for sea forenoon. Small gun practices afternoon & fired torpedoes sea run. We left Muscat for Bombay at 4.30 pm.


1st Dec. Arrived at Bombay 7.30 am. HMS Fox in Harbour as S.O.


3rd to 20th The ship was in the Indian Marine dry dock. While here the crew left the ship & all lived at the Royal Alfred Sailors Home. While here every privilege was granted to ship’s company as to leave, which was taken advantage of by us to thoroughly enjoy ourselves ashore. We all made up for dull times we spent in the Persian Gulf.


20th Left Sailors Home for to live on board again. Ship left dock & proceeded to No 6 buoy.


23rd Coaled ship 350 tons


24th Everyone worked hard to clean ship after coaling for Xmas.


25th Being Xmas day the ship was decorated for the occasion. Captain doing the rounds. Ship looked very clean considering we coaled on the 23rd. Officers health were drunk. We in the evening most of crew went ashore, where Xmas was well kept up by ship’s company.


26th Painted ship. Ship’s company entertained on board HMS Fox for a concert, which was very good.


30th HMS Iphigenia arrived from England with reliefs for Bombay defence fleet.


31st Drew torpedoes from Iphigenia, which she bought from England & returned old torpedoes


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