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HMS PERSEUS DIARY - 2nd July 1902 to 30th September 1902


July 2nd Exercised small arm companies.


3rd Prepared for sea. Italian Warship “Governolo” arrived. & at 6 p.m. we left Aden.


4th Arrived and anchored off Ras-al-Ara. At 8 a.m. cutters sent ashore armed & searched all dhows in the bay. 10 p.m. left and proceeded.


5th Arrived Aden 1.30 p.m. after cruising along Arabian coasts.


6th Divine Sevice held.


7th Half the commission completed today. Exercised man & arm boats. Boats firing.


8th Boat sailing afternoon.


9th Exercised landing parties on shore.


10th HMS Dryad arrived from Berbera. Reported loss of a stoker, who was accidentally drowned at Berbera.


11th General Quarters. Fired Canon tube. Troops consisting of 420 Royal Dublin Fusilleers & Sappers & Miners embarked on RIMS Mayo. They were destined for Makalla on the Arabian Coast. They are to put the Sultan on his throne, his brother having took possession whilst the original Sultan was away. The Perseus was bound to play a part in it afterwards. Mayo left. Perseus awaiting arrival of Rear Admiral Drury in P&O Britannia.


13th Divine service held. Admiral arrived in Britannia


14th Left at 5.30 for Makalla. Cleared ship for action in readiness to bombard. Heavy seas encountered


15th Arrived Markalla RIMS Mayo here. Both ships proceeded to Ash-shehr. 11.40 a.m. arrived in Ash-shehr. Everything in readiness for action. Owing to heavy seas troops from Mayo cannot be landed. Ash-shehr is entirely surrounded with a wall & numerous forts, all being built of mud. Weather very hot. Mayo communicated with the shore & gave the imposing Sultan till tomorrow to give in. Searchlights being directed on the town all night to witness movements of natives.


16th Chiefs from shore went on board Mayo, who gave them till 1 p.m. to surrender, the alternative being the bombardment of the town by Perseus. 12 noon no surrender as yet. Seamen anxiously watching Sultans Palace for the Union Jack to be hoisted. 12.00 “action” guns loaded and trained on the town. 12.55 p.m. signal from Mayo that another 24 hours had been granted, as if possible the affair was to be settled without force.


17th Weather very boisterous, everything in readiness for action at noon. All hands eagerly awaiting events. Guns loaded & at 11.45 a warning shot was fired by the Perseus to let the Sultan know that his time was drawing on. General came on board from Mayo to superintend bombardment. A commotion was noticeable around the flagstaff & a Union jack was seen being hoisted. This was a token of surrender. 2 p.m. weighed anchor & proceeded with Mayo for Makalla. At 7.15 p.m. arrived & anchored. 9 p.m. Weighed and left with Mayo.


18th At 7.40 a.m. arrived and anchored off Balhaf. The place only consists of a fort & a few native huts, the fort flying the Union Jack. Boat went onshore to inform natives that our intentions were to demolish the place. The niggers all left the place with their belongings. We fired blank charge to be a warning to them. Natives refused to haul down flag. Small guns from ship opened fire followed by large guns. Place speedily reduced to ruin. Last round fetching down the flag. Firing ceased, troops landed from Mayo & finished work of destroying town. Everything was piled in heaps & burned. We then Weighed anchor at 12 noon & left Balhaf. We left the Mayo behind to settle up etc. 4 p.m. exercised General Quarters. A small cat was fetched aboard at Balhaf. The only thing what lived in the fort. We christened it Lyddite.


19th 1.30 p.m. sighted Aden. 2.00 p.m. arrived & anchored. 3 p.m. Mayo arrived & landed Resident and troops.


21st Boat execise before breakfast. Usual routine remainder of day.


22nd Boats away all afternoon sailing.


23rd Landed small arms companies for exercise.


24th Usual routine. Sent home invalids.


25th Excused General Quarters. Portuguese man o’ War Siagael (Sao Gabriel??) arrived. Boat sailing with Mayo during afternoon.


26th Sats routine.


27th Sunday. Church ashore. Officers from merchant steamer came aboard and asked for 100 hands to assist as she was on fire.


28th Coaled ship 250 tons. Portuguese warship left at 4 p.m. We weighed & proceeded to sea. Experienced great difficulty in leaving harbour owing to strong tides.


29th Experienced very heavy weather, shipped heavy seas. Arrived in Berbera 12.30 p.m. Dryad in harbour.


29th Furled all awnings & prepared for target practice. Left at 4 p.m. & carried out half Qrtrs. firing at 6 p.m. HMS Dryad left for Aden.


30th Small arm drill at 11.30 a.m. Weighed and proceeded towards Laskhora patrolling coasts. Rough weather encountered.


31st Steamer sighted close to shore. Ordered her to proceed on her course, which she obeyed. 5p.m. Sighted Italian warship Governola. Both ships left together and anchored for the night at Banda Zaidar in Italian territory.


Aug 1st We both weighed and proceeded out at 7a.m. Perseus doing target practice. !0.a.m. both ships anchored off Bander Cashim. This being a good-sized town surrounded with mud forts.

An E.Ref off Perseus being very ill. Doctors came onboard from Governola to consult with our doctor & came to conclusion to take him back to Aden. This place very unhealthy for white men.


2nd Sats routine. At 9.30 weighed & proceeded towards Aden leaving Italian here.


3rd Sunday Weather very bad furled awnings owing to strong winds. Held Divine service 4 p.m. Arrived in Aden. Dryad here. Hawser foul of screw.


4th Divers cleared screw. Exercised General Quarters & man & arm ship. Prepared for illuminating ship. Cutters went to steamer that was burning. She had a cargo of china & jute for Liverpool. We fetched plenty of china aboard.


6th Landed small arm companies with party from Dryad. Boats away sailing


7th Exercised General Quarters. Fixed electric lamps for illuminating


9th Being Coronation Day it was kept as a general holiday. All ships dressed with flags. Church Parade on shore men landing. Spliced mainbrace. At 6.20p.m. undressed ship and lighted illuminations. Ship looked exceedingly well. Fired rockets occasionally (at noon we fired a salute of 81 guns)


10th Sunday. Divine Service. Italian warship Governola arrived.


11th Man & arm boats & ran torpedoes harbour run.


12th Usual routine. Out fire engine

Thursday 14th General Quarters & cannon tube


17th. Sundays routine. Divine Service held.


18th Cut Bower anchor for evolution. HMS Dryad left.


19th Run torpedoes harbour run.


20th Landed small arm companies for exercise ”Mayo” left for Berbera.


21st Dryad arrived from Berbera with dispatches. Dryad left at 4pm for Berbera.


22nd Exercised General Quarters


23rd HMS Terrible sighted homeward bound from China. 5pm “Terrible” anchored in outer harbour. Largest vessel to pass through Suez.


24th Sunday. “Terrible” left for England 5.30 am. “Mayo” arrived. Divine Service Held.


25th Boats exercised at boat manoeuvres. Italian sloop “Vulturno” arrived. Indian Princess arrived in the P&O Persia bound for Bombay. Saluted Princess with 21 guns. Rained hard here, first time for several years.


27th Wed. Landed small arm battalions. Heavy marching order. Prepared for sea.


28th Left Aden at 7am & proceeded along coast, searched several dhows. 5pm anchored at Ras-al-ara on Arabian coasts.


29th 5am weighed & proceeded. Carried out half quarters firing. Acting 2Gs fired. At 7pm we dropped a target & carried out night firing. Weather very stormy.


30th Arrived & anchored at Berbera at 6am. Sats routine.


31st Divine Service. Prepared for target practice.


Sept 1st 7am HMS Dryad arrived. Reoported that she had been aground 26 last just outside here. Damaged her rudder. 1.45. Weighed & proceeded with Dryad & both ships carried out half quarters firing. 4.30 Dryad returned to Berbera. Perseus remained outside & ran two torpedoes sea run. Anchored in Berbera 6.30 pm.


2nd Diving party went down to report condition of Dryad’s rudder. Steam boat surveying harbour. Ran torpedoes harbour run.


3rd Court of enquiry held aboard Perseus concerning grounding of Dryad. 2.30 pm HMS Dryad sailed for Aden. Football team played 2nd Silko & beat them 3-0.


4th at 7am RIMS Mayo arrived flying the flag of HRH Ras Makonnen of Abyssinia, he was making passage on Mayo on his way home from the Coronation. At 4pm HRH Ras Makonnon & suite came on board to inspect Perseus, he was highly pleased, guns being fired specially for occasion. His Highness was allowed to fire a few rounds of maxim himself. At 5.30 he left & was saluted with 15 guns. After supper Football and recreation party & band landed. Exciting game played with the Perseus & 2nd Silks. The suite & HH & all Navy & Army officers in Berbera were spectators. His Highness was greatly pleased with the sailor’s antics. Result 1-1.


5th 6am “Mayo” departed. Exercise General Quarters. Torpedo party away mining.


6th Sats routine. Monsoon blowing. 5pm Weighed and proceeded along coast.


7th Sunday. At 8am Anchored off Hais. Dhows searched. Left Hais at 12.30pm.


8th Exercised Collision Stations at noon. Anchored off Bander Has Hue. Several dhows ordered to Berbera.


9th 5.20 weighed & proceeded. Fired Cannon Tube. Stopped at Laskhorai & sent boats crews ashore in last dog. Shaped a course for Aden.


10th Exercised small arm company at 4.30pm Arrived and anchored in Aden.


11th Noon. Dryad left for Malta for repairs. Prepared for coaling.


12th Coaled ship 350 tons.


14th Sunday. Divine Service held.


15th Exercised. Man & Arm boats forenoon. Letter arrived from HRH Ras Makonnen to ships company of Perseus thanking them for the entertainment provided for him at Berbera. He gave us 100 rupees and it was proposed by ships company to buy a clock with inscription on it for the mess deck.


16th Usual routine. Boat sailing during afternoon. Man & arm ship. Dog watch


17th Battalion landed for drill. Boat sailing in afternoon. Dhows brought ready for further cruising.


18th Fired cannon tube. Letter received from Lords of Admiralty & read out on the Quarter deck, containing thanks of my Lords to ship’s company for work performed by them in patrolling Somali coast, also concerning recent Dhow fight. Three seamen mentioned in dispatches. During the afternoon a boat cme alongside containing four merchant seamen & an officer. They reported that the ship SS Baltazan was unable to proceed on her voyage having run out of coal and provisions. All Liberty men from Perseus were recalled & we took 50 tons of coal on board. We weighed at 8pm & left for cape Guardifie (Guardafui) to assist the Baltazan.


20th At 12.30 sighted SS Baltazan & she proved to be an ocean tramp from Japan to New York, crew 22 hands. We sent coal & provisions to her and ordered her to Aden. Her crew were very pleased to see us as the last food was used today. At 8 pm we proceeded enroute for Aden. Baltazan ordered to proceed at daybreak.


Arrived in Aden on 22nd & found Japanese torpedo boat here. We prepared Dhows & sent crews aboard. Italian warship arrived.


23rd SS Baltazan arrived at 12.30 pm. We weighed & took dhow in tow. We were heartily cheered on passing Baltizan.


24th Exercised small arm companies. General Quarters 10 pm. We then slipped the dhow ordering her to cruise along the coast towards Persia.


25th Arrived off Wakderia on Somali coast. Difficult navigation water too deep for anchoring. We came to anchor off “Ras Galineria”.


26th At 4.30 weghed and proceeded back to Wakderia to find an anchorage. 9 am anchored of Wakderia. Searched dhows & bought a dhow that seemed suitable for dhow cruising. She was brought alongside & prepared for her cruise. Fitted with 3 pdr. At 6.30 the dhow’s crew went aboard & left the dhow to cruise off Somali coast while the Perseus shaped a course for Berbera.


27th Arrived at Berbera 7pm.


28th Sundays routine


29th Battalion landed for drill


30th Weighed & left Berbera at 5.30 am. Run torpedoes sea run


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